BECE 2019 Integrated Science Past Question Paper One


Steel is an alloy of iron and

  • A: aluminium
  • B: carbon
  • C: silicon
  • D: gold

An atom that has lost one or more electron(s) is called

  • A: a molecule
  • B: a proton
  • C: an ion
  • D: a negative particle

In all machines, the efficiency is

  • A: always 100 %
  • B: less than 100%
  • C: more than 100%
  • D: always 0%

In electronic circuits, LEDs are used to indicate the absence or presence of

  • A: voltage source
  • B: p-n junction
  • C: electric current
  • D: emitter and collector

Which of the following statements about the scientific method is/ are correct? It provides I. logical procedure for arriving at knowledge II. knowledge that can be verified III. knowledge that can never be changed

  • A: I only
  • B: I and II only
  • C: I and III only
  • D: II and III only

Which of the following substances is a compound?

  • A: Hydrogen
  • B: Nitrogen
  • C: Oxygen
  • D: Water

Which of the following source(s) of energy is/are renewable? I. Solar II. Crude oil III. Wind

  • A: I only
  • B: I and II only
  • C: I and III only
  • D: I, II and III

The pressure in fluids

  • A: increases with depth
  • B: decreases with depth
  • C: acts upwards at any point
  • D: acts differently in all directions

The pressure in fluids

  • A: N2 + H2 → NH3
  • B: N2 + 2H2 → NH3
  • C: N2 + 3H2 → 2NH3
  • D: N2 + 3H2 → NH3

Lime juice tastes sour because it is

  • A: acidic
  • B: alkaline
  • C: basic
  • D: salty

A metal black has a mass of 1.0 kg. What is the volume of the block if its density is 10 kgm-3 ?

  • A: 0.01 m3
  • B: 0.10 m3
  • C: 1.00 m3
  • D: 10.00 m3

It is easier to move a heavy load with a crowbar when the

  • A: effort distance is shorter than the load distance
  • B: effort distance is longer than the load distance
  • C: effort distance of distance equal to the load distance
  • D: effort is equal to the load

Benedict’s solution was added to a mixture in a test tube and it turned brick red when heated. The mixture is likely to contain

  • A: glucose
  • B: vitamin
  • C: can start a motion
  • D: can change the direction of a moving

Chlorine gas is an example of

  • A: an atom
  • B: an element
  • C: a compound
  • D: a molecule

Which of the following statements about a force are correct? It I. is measured in newtons II. is measured in newton-metre III. can start a motion IV. can change the direction of a moving body

  • A: I and II only
  • B: I and III only
  • C: I, III and IV only
  • D: I, II, III and IV

Kerosene is able to reach the other end of a wick by

  • A: diffusion
  • B: suction pressure
  • C: capillary action
  • D: osmosis

Which of the following processes is used to separate insoluble solids from liquids?

  • A: Sublimation
  • B: Filtration
  • C: Evaporation
  • D: Crystallization

Which of the following chemical compounds is used in removing hardness in water?

  • A: NaCl
  • B: NaOH
  • C: Na2CO3
  • D: NaHCO3

When a thermometer is put in hot water, the mercury level rises because the mercury increases in

  • A: density
  • B: mass
  • C: volume
  • D: weight

The workdone when a force moves a body through a distance of 12 m is 720 J. The force applied is

  • A: 8640 N
  • B: 732 N
  • C: 708 N
  • D: 60 N

Which of the following compounds is neutral to litmus paper?

  • A: HCL
  • B: H2O
  • C: NaOH
  • D: KOH

A balanced diet is one which is made up of

  • A: right proportions of protein, carbohydrates and oils
  • B: equal amounts of protein, carbohydrates and oils
  • C: enough water and iodated salt
  • D: vegetables, fruits and water

The ovule in a flower develop to form the

  • A: fruit
  • B: leaf
  • C: seed
  • D: stem

Water drains faster through sand than clay because

  • A: sand particles are rougher
  • B: sand contains more air space
  • C: clay particles are smother
  • D: clay particles are bigger

The best method of checking erosion on a slope is

  • A: cover cropping
  • B: mixed contains
  • C: contour ploughing
  • D: mulching

The housefly is an agent for the spread of

  • A: cholera
  • B: malaria
  • C: measles
  • D: tuberculosis

Which of the following substances are carried by the blood? I. Nutrients II. Urine III. Oxygen IV. Carbon dioxide

  • A: II and III only
  • B: I, II and IV only
  • C: I and III only
  • D: I, III and IV only

Which of the following statements about a plant cell is correct? It

  • A: does not have a nucleus
  • B: contains large vacuoles
  • C: is surrounded by the cell membrane only
  • D: does not have a definite shape

The study of the soil profile of an area helps the farmer to

  • A: control weed growth
  • B: determine the soil temperature
  • C: determine the types of crop to grow
  • D: know the pesticides to use

The term leaching in soils refers to

  • A: accumulation of organic matter
  • B: decomposition of plant materials fixation
  • C: fixation of nitrogen
  • D: removal of soil nutrients by water

How many stages does the mosquito go through in its life cycle of development?

  • A: 1
  • B: 2
  • C: 3
  • D: 4

Which of the following enzymes helps in the digestion of protein in the human stomach? I. Proteases II. Amylase III. Lipase

  • A: I only
  • B: II only
  • C: I and II only
  • D: II and III only

Kidneys absorb water from the bloodstream humans through the process of

  • A: diffusion
  • B: egestion
  • C: osmosis
  • D: assimilation

An example of soil macro-nutrients is

  • A: copper
  • B: calcium
  • C: phosphorus
  • D: potassium

The vegetable crop that staking during its growth is

  • A: sweet pepper
  • B: garden eggs
  • C: tomatoes
  • D: hot pepper

The function of the white blood cells in human is to

  • A: produce haemoglobin
  • B: produce digestive enzymes ensure blood clot during an injury
  • C: ensure blood clot during an injury
  • D: produce antibodies to fight disease causing organisms

The carpel of a flower is made up of the following parts except

  • A: filament
  • B: ovary
  • C: style
  • D: stigma

A food web shows how

  • A: food produced by plants is distributed to other parts of the plant.
  • B: an organism protects itself in its environment
  • C: organisms depend on one another for shelter
  • D: food produced by green plants is distributed among organisms in a community

Balanced ration enables animals to

  • A: increase infertility rate
  • B: maintain normal growth
  • C: increase meat production
  • D: maintain energy level of work animals

Cultural practices are activities undertaken on a farm

  • A: after harvesting and before processing
  • B: before maturity and after harvesting
  • C: after planting and before harvesting
  • D: before transplanting seedlings

End Of Paper

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