BECE 2019 ICT Past Question Paper One


An electronic and programmable device that processes data into useful information is called

  • A: computer
  • B: peripheral
  • C: processor
  • D: technology

Which of the following media uses laser technology to write and read data?

  • A: Floppy disk
  • B: Hard disk
  • C: Optical disc
  • D: Pen drive

Turning off the computer is known as

  • A: booting
  • B: installation
  • C: programming
  • D: shut down

The following are items located on the default taskbar except

  • A: date
  • B: clock
  • C: recycle bin
  • D: start menu button

Files are best kept in

  • A: icons
  • B: folders
  • C: programs
  • D: applications

The end results of the information processing cycle that cannot be touched is referred to as

  • A: hard copy
  • B: hardware
  • C: soft copy
  • D: software

A malicious software specially designed to cause a computer system to be slow and malfunction is

  • A: an application
  • B: aa bacteria
  • C: a germ
  • D: a virus

The arrow keys on the computer keyboard are also referred to as

  • A: cursor keys
  • B: function keys
  • C: shift keys
  • D: special purpose keys

The name given to each cell according to its column label and row number is called

  • A: active cell
  • B: cell formula
  • C: cell reference
  • D: highlighted cell

Which of the following applications is an example of a Word processor?

  • A: Excel
  • B: Lotus 1-2-3
  • C: Notepad
  • D: Print artist

The only software that runs without a user’s instruction on a computer is the

  • A: application software
  • B: operating software
  • C: scanner program
  • D: storage program

The liquid Crystal Display Monitor of a computer is also known as the

  • A: cathode ray tube
  • B: display screen
  • C: flat panel display
  • D: television display

A pen-like device that is used to enter data by applying pressure on a screen is the

  • A: joystick
  • B: mouse
  • C: pointer
  • D: stylus

One gigabyte of data approximates to

  • A: 10 megabytes of data
  • B: 100 megabytes of data
  • C: 1000 megabytes of data
  • D: 10,000 megabytes of data

Which of the following devices will turn off first when shutting down the computer?

  • A: Monitor
  • B: Stabilizer
  • C: System unit
  • D: Uninterruptible Power Supply

The title bar of an opened application always displays the name of the application and the name of the

  • A: computer
  • B: document
  • C: software
  • D: system

To remove unwanted shortcuts from the desktop which of the following options will be appropriate? I. Click on the short icon once and press delete key on the keyboard II. Drag the shortcut icon into the Recycle Bin III. Right-click on the shortcut icon and select delete from the pop-up menu.

  • A: I and II only
  • B: I and III only
  • C: II and III only
  • D: I, II and III

The safety measure to prevent back ache when using the computer for a very long time is to

  • A: answer or receive calls when charging mobile phone
  • B: avoid plugging ICT tools on damaged sockets
  • C: position the body correctly
  • D: use plastic chair always

The best measure that computer users should practice to reduce the chances of wrist and finger pains due to long term usage of the computer is to

  • A: adjust the lightening of the computer screen
  • B: close the eyes and rest them for one minute
  • C: spread fingers apart
  • D: use adjustable chair always

Illegal copying of operating system, application software, music and videos is referred to as copyright

  • A: law
  • B: issues
  • C: protection
  • D: infringement

To resave an edited document, use

  • A: Ctrl + C
  • B: Ctrl + S
  • C: Ctrl + V
  • D: Ctrl + X

A collection of linked documents or pages stored on millions of computers and distributed across the world is called

  • A: browser
  • B: hyperlink
  • C: internet
  • D: world wide web

The device used to transform digital signals to analogue signals and vice versa on a network is a

  • A: hub
  • B: modem
  • C: telephone
  • D: digital box

Google is an example of a

  • A: browser
  • B: search engine
  • C: spam mail
  • D: website

Mrs Famiyeh wants to copy information onto a compact disc, clean the content and later copy the information again. Which of the following media would advise her to use?

  • A: CD
  • B: CD-R
  • C: CD-RW
  • D: CD-ROM

To execute more than one program at the same time, the system software being used should be capable of

  • A: compatibility
  • B: multitasking
  • C: multiprocessing
  • D: portability

Which of the following statements best describes a computer operator? A person who

  • A: carries a computer from one location to the other to work
  • B: obtains a degree in computer science and its related fields of study
  • C: operates the device which inputs and outputs data from the computer
  • D: writes computer programs for a specific purpose

A document which shows its entire text in upper case means that the user has activated the

  • A: alt key
  • B: caps lock key
  • C: num lock key
  • D: shift + F3

Pressing and releasing the left mouse button twice in quick succession is termed

  • A: dragging
  • B: double-clicking
  • C: left-clicking
  • D: right-clicking

Which of the following keys is used to create a new line in Word processing?

  • A: Ctrl key
  • B: Enter key
  • C: Esc key
  • D: Shift key

The feature in Word processors that automatically moves the cursor to the beginning of the next line when the current typing line ends is called

  • A: auto text
  • B: auto correct
  • C: line flow
  • D: word wrap

A red wavy line under a word in a Word processing document refers to word

  • A: not in the computer dictionary
  • B: not recognized by the computer
  • C: too long for the computer
  • D: too short for the computer

The shortcut to some commands on the menu bar of a Word processing application program can be found on the

  • A: scroll bar
  • B: status bar
  • C: standard toolbar
  • D: title bar

Which of the following document views would show the document as it would look when it is printed?

  • A: Normal view
  • B: Outline view
  • C: Print layout view
  • D: Web layout view

The buttons for reload/ refresh, back, stop and forward can be found on the following applications except

  • A: Search engine
  • B: Web browser
  • C: Website
  • D: WhatsApp

The software that enable users access web pages on the internet is called

  • A: browser
  • B: website
  • C: access engine
  • D: search engine

In computing, the exchange of information is referred to as

  • A: communication
  • B: conversation
  • C: education
  • D: entertainment

Which of the following functions is used to find the mean number in a set of numbers in Spreadsheet?

  • A: Average
  • B: Maximum
  • C: Minimum
  • D: Summation

The content of a selected cell is shown in the

  • A: formula bar
  • B: name box
  • C: status bar
  • D: title bar

An application that helps the user to change any number in a cell and immediately see the result of that change in another cell is a

  • A: Database
  • B: Presentation
  • C: Spreadsheet
  • D: Word processor

End Of Paper

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