BECE 2019 Basic Design And Technology (Pre Technical Skills ) Past Question Paper Two


(a) List two uses of a table napkin.

(b) State four causes of food spoilage.

Figure 1

(c) Figure 1 shows two views of a solid.
(i) Name the type of solid represented as view Q.

(ii) State the type of view represented as view R.

(iii) List any three equipment that are used to draw the views Q and R.

(d) (i) List the primary colours.

(ii) Name four types of line.

(a) 1. It used for wiping the mouth and fingers while eating.
2. Napkins can be used to cover the mouth when coughing at the table.
3. It can be used to prevent food from staining clothes.

(b) oxidation, moulds,enzymes,bacteria & oxidation.

(c) (i) A cone

(ii) Surface development

(iii) A pair of compasses,pencils, sets square, divider,ruler & drawing board

(d) (i) Red,Blue & Yellow

(ii) Construction lines, center lines, hidden line, dimension line & break lines


(a) (i) State three Uses of mortar
(ii) List three tools for moulding bricks.

(b) (i) Make a sketch of a spirit level
(ii) State one use of the spirit level
(iii) State two care and maintenance measures to be observed when using the spirit level.

(c) (i) List two types of screw drivers
(ii) State one use of screw drivers.

(a) (i) It is used for plastering.
It is used for building
It is used for screeding
It is used for bonding
it is used in molding blocks
It is used for tiling
It is used in making concrete

(ii) Spade/Shovel
Gauge box
Hand trowel
Wooden tamping rod

(b) (i)

(ii) For checking Horizontal and vertical levelling
For checking alignment

(iii) It should be stored appropriately after use.
It should be well cleaned after use.
It should be used for correct job.

(c) (i) Flat head screw driver
Philips screw driver
Pozidriv screw driver

(ii) It is used for tightening screws


Figure 2 shows the pictorial view of a block prepared from Odum. Use it to answer questions (a)(i) to (a)(iii)

(a) (i) Draw full size the view in the direction of arrow X
(ii) List three tools required to prepare the wooden block
(iii) List two finishes that would be applied to make the wooden block attractive.

(b) (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a spade.
(ii) Label any two parts of the spade sketched in question 3(b)(i)
(iii) State two uses of the spade

(a) (i)

(ii) Pencil
Marking gauge
Try Square
Tenon Saw
Rip Saw
Tape Measure

(iii) Oil Paint
Wax Polish

(b) (i)

(ii) Handle
Cutting edge

(iii) Mixing mortar
Fetching mortar
Mixing concrete
Straightening the edges of trenches
Filling headpan with materials


(a) Copy and complete the table below with the following tools where appropriate:

Spirit level,straight edge, tape measure,trowel,float,gauge rod, builder’s square and mortar board

Note: A tool may be selected more than once


Two Tools Required

Set Out a wall

Pick and spread mortar

Lay end blocks

Gauge the blocks

Level the blocks

(b) (i) Make a freehand pictorial sketch of a bolster.
(ii) State one use of the bolster

(c) Sketch the representative symbols of the following components.
(i) Battery
(ii) Bulb

Operation Two Tools Required
Set Out a wall Straight edge, Tape measure, builders square
Pick and spread mortar Trowel, float, mortar board
Lay end blocks Trowel,builders-square,gauge rod,spirit level,straight edge
Gauge the blocks Builders square,gauge rod,tape measure
Level the blocks Spirit level, straight edge
  (b) (ii) For cutting bricks/blocks For creating openings in preexisting walls. (c) (i) (ii)

End Of Paper

End of BECE 2019 Basic Design And Technology (Pre Technical Skills ) Past Question Paper Two, Thank you for visiting this page, if any spelling mistake or wrong answers are spotted kindly notice us in the comment section below remember to share page to friends and famillies who may need it

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