BECE 2019 Basic Design And Technology (Home Economics ) Past Question Paper One


The plan of a cylinder is a

  • A: circle
  • B: rectangle
  • C: square
  • D: triangle

The first stage of the design process is

  • A: brief
  • B: evaluation
  • C: situation
  • D: specification
Figure I show the pictorial view of a block. Use it to answer questions 3 and 4.


Which of the following represents the front view in the direction of arrow Z?

  • A: A
  • B: B
  • C: C
  • D: D

Which of the following represents the right end elevation?

  • A: A
  • B: B
  • C: C
  • D: D

In the design process, the selected idea is developed in order to

  • A: determine the cost
  • B: evaluate final product
  • C: improve upon it
  • D: reduce its beauty

The most suitable pencil for drawing construction lines is

  • A: B
  • B: HB
  • C: 2B
  • D: 2H

A common method of cooking used for most Ghanaian staple foods is

  • A: steaming
  • B: boiling
  • C: frying
  • D: stewing

A seam that is often used for outer garment is

  • A: plain seam
  • B: French seam
  • C: Machine felled seam
  • D: Overlaid seam

When setting a table, the first course cutlery should be placed

  • A: at the top edge of the dinner plate
  • B: on the dinner plate
  • C: near the dinner plate
  • D: further away from the dinner plate

Stranded cotton thread is used for

  • A: decorative stitches
  • B: neatening seams
  • C: joining seams
  • D: temporary stitches

Red, Orange and violet are

  • A: warm colours
  • B: cool colours
  • C: opposite colours
  • D: neutral colours

The inscription BB on a pencil indicates that, it

  • A: is hard
  • B: is soft
  • C: breaks easily
  • D: sharpens well

A circle is

  • A: a form
  • B: a principle of design
  • C: a sphere
  • D: an element of design

The colour violet symbolizes

  • A: wealth
  • B: peace
  • C: aggression
  • D: royalty

The primary colours are

  • A: red, violet, yellow
  • B: green, yellow, red
  • C: red, yellow, blue
  • D: violet, yellow, green

The most important nutrients found in vegetables are vitamins and

  • A: carbohydrates
  • B: proteins
  • C: minerals
  • D: fats

In frying meat, heat is transferred by means of

  • A: conduction
  • B: convection
  • C: conduction and radiation
  • D: radiation and convention

Elements of design in nature include

  • A: lines, shape and dot
  • B: shape, dot and balance
  • C: line, rhythm and texture
  • D: texture, balance and rhythm.

An adolescent whose diet is deficient in iron is likely suffer from

  • A: rickets
  • B: goiter
  • C: scurvy
  • D: anaemia

Wounds and fractures can heal quickly if one takes in adequate amount of

  • A: starchy roots and plantain
  • B: fruits and vegetables
  • C: animal products
  • D: legumes and pulses

A stitched that is worked from right to left on the right side of an article is

  • A: overcasting
  • B: oversewing
  • C: hemming stitch
  • D: slip stitch

Which of the following elements of design is likely to be seen on whole baked rock buns?

  • A: Lines, colour and dot
  • B: Shape, texture and dot
  • C: Texture, shape and lines
  • D: Colour, lines and dot

Incorrect threading of a sewing machine will cause

  • A: puckering of seams
  • B: missing stitches
  • C: thread breaking
  • D: loose stitches forming

Suitable inexpensive fabric for making bag is

  • A: poplin
  • B: denim
  • C: damask
  • D: calico

The cause of spoilage in dried beans is

  • A: weevil
  • B: bugs
  • C: yeast activities
  • D: enzymes action

The rubbing -in method is used in the preparation of

  • A: queen cakes
  • B: fish turnovers
  • C: banana fritters
  • D: sweet pancakes

A suitable leavening agent that can be used in the preparation of banana cake is

  • A: palm wine
  • B: cream of tartar
  • C: baking powder
  • D: bicarbonate of soda

Heat is transferred by conduction and convection when food is cooked by

  • A: steaming
  • B: frying
  • C: grilling
  • D: baking

In Ghana, a popular method for preserving most food commodities at home is

  • A: drying
  • B: salting
  • C: smoking
  • D: bottling

The main use of fat in cake making to

  • A: enhance appearance
  • B: increase volume
  • C: improve keeping quality
  • D: improve flavour

End Of Paper

End of BECE 2019 Basic Design And Technology (Home Economics ) Past Question Paper One, Thank you for visiting this page, if any spelling mistake or wrong answers are spotted kindly notice us in the comment section below remember to share page to friends and famillies who may need it

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