BECE 2018 RME Past Question Paper One


The power of God is seen in His

  • A: omniscience
  • B: omnipotence
  • C: omnipresence
  • D: omnivorous

According to the Bible, God commanded the earth to produce plants on the

  • A: first day
  • B: third day
  • C: fifth day
  • D: sixth day

Which of the following options is not a reason for which we must care for God’s creation?

  • A: It makes us righteous people
  • B: To show respect for God’s gift of nature
  • C: To preserve it for future generation
  • D: We are stewards of God’s creation

Sadique in Islam means

  • A: courageous
  • B: patience
  • C: righteous
  • D: truthful

The holy pilgrimage to Makkah by Muslims is known as

  • A: Hajj
  • B: Ijma
  • C: Ru’ya
  • D: Salat

The first Muezzin was

  • A: Ali
  • B: Bilal
  • C: Ibrahim
  • D: Musah

Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness for

  • A: forty months
  • B: forty years
  • C: fifty months
  • D: fifty years

Egya Ahor is fondly remembered by the Fante for

  • A: commanding the Golden Stool
  • B: his miraculous powers
  • C: his resurrection from death
  • D: saving his people

The parable of Jesus that teaches forgiveness is the

  • A: unjust steward
  • B: rich fool
  • C: Good Samaritan
  • D: Prodigal Son

Which of the following celebrations signifies the salvation of all Christians?

  • A: Christmas
  • B: Easter
  • C: Palm Sunday
  • D: Pentecost

The food offered the ancestors during the Adae festival is meant to

  • A: drive witches away from the society
  • B: bring development to the state
  • C: secure protection for the chief
  • D: unite the living with the dead

It is our responsibility to prevent the spread of cholera by

  • A: eating a balance diet
  • B: keeping our surroundings clean
  • C: taking good care of our bodies
  • D: immunizing against the six killer diseases

Both Islamic and Traditional religions accept

  • A: polyandry
  • B: polygamy
  • C: the use of incense
  • D: the five daily prayers

The growth of hairs in the armpit is a sign of

  • A: motherhood
  • B: pregnancy
  • C: puberty
  • D: respect

On what occasion do Muslims perform the Janazah prayer?

  • A: After observing fast
  • B: Before a Muslim travels
  • C: During Friday worship
  • D: When a Muslim dies

Which traditional prayer is offered when a vow or a pledge is fulfilled?

  • A: Intercessory
  • B: Supplication
  • C: Thanksgiving
  • D: Votive

Which Islamic prayer is observed at sunset?

  • A: Isha
  • B: Janazeh
  • C: Maghrib
  • D: Tarawib

The act of going round the Ka’bah seven times during Hajj teaches

  • A: bravery
  • B: endurance
  • C: fairness
  • D: tolerance

The Eucharist in Christian worship refers to

  • A: prayer of thanksgiving
  • B: preaching of sermon
  • C: payment of tithe
  • D: the Holy Communion

An individual who is respectful and polite is said to be

  • A: chaste
  • B: courteous
  • C: kind
  • D: moral

To live a chaste life, one must

  • A: attend church regularly
  • B: avoid casual sex
  • C: be obedient to teachers
  • D: work hard to become rich

HIV/AIDS affect the society mostly by the

  • A: acquisition of more drugs
  • B: reduction in workforce
  • C: reduction in death rates
  • D: training of more doctors

Putting one’s interest above that of others results in

  • A: conflict
  • B: patriotism
  • C: selflessness
  • D: tolerance

The main teaching of the Ten Commandments is

  • A: courtesy
  • B: kindness
  • C: love
  • D: patience

In traditional societies, rules used to control the behaviour of members are known as

  • A: ancestral rites
  • B: puberty rites
  • C: taboos
  • D: abominations

Repentance is an act that

  • A: delivers us from enemies
  • B: drives us away from peers
  • C: purifies our character
  • D: satisfies God’s demands

When a person repents from bad deeds, he or she always receives

  • A: forgiveness
  • B: freedom
  • C: promotion
  • D: punishment

Authority is instituted in society to ensure

  • A: freedom of speech
  • B: peace and order
  • C: respect for adults
  • D: the right to vote

The best way to live in peace in a community is to

  • A: remain neutral
  • B: sit on the fence
  • C: offer special gifts to friends in school
  • D: understand and co-operate with others

Which of the following activities is not a responsibility of a family head?

  • A: Giving loan to people
  • B: Settling disputes among people
  • C: Ensuring the wellbeing of the people
  • D: Taking custody of family property

A child who refuses to play with bad friends is said to be

  • A: faithful
  • B: obedient
  • C: polite
  • D: sincere

Tidying the school compound is the child’s

  • A: commitment
  • B: behaviour
  • C: loyalty
  • D: role

Refusal to follow medical prescription may lead to

  • A: disrespect for authority
  • B: failure in life
  • C: reduction in wealth
  • D: substance abuse

Which of the following factors is a benefit of hard work?

  • A: Becoming financially sound
  • B: Becoming popular in town
  • C: Building the body size
  • D: Having time for leisure

A home where members learn their religion through oral sources is known as

  • A: Christian
  • B: Islamic
  • C: Traditional
  • D: Jewish

Work done to earn income can be described as

  • A: community work
  • B: home work
  • C: occupational activity
  • D: school work

Carrying out assigned duties is necessary because it

  • A: attracts hatred from enemies
  • B: leads to fulfilment of promises
  • C: leads to pacification of the gods
  • D: pleases God and human kind

School rules help pupils to

  • A: avoid being punished
  • B: compete with one another
  • C: protect properties all the time
  • D: worship God regularly

C.Y.O. as a religious youth group stands for

  • A: Catechist Youth Organization
  • B: Catholic Youngmen Organization
  • C: Christian Youngmen Organization
  • D: Catholic Youth Organization

Religious youth associations foster peace among its members by

  • A: being law abiding
  • B: caring for the sick
  • C: causing the arrest of offenders
  • D: worshipping and praying

End Of Paper

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