BECE 2018 ICT Past Question Paper Two

(a) i. What is the file name for the image shown above?
ii. Name the areas represented by A, B, C, D, E and F in 1 (a):

(b) State the function of the parts labeled A and D in 1 (a) above.

(c) List four uses of the internet

(d) Write the name of the following computer keyboard key characters.
i. &
ii. ^
iii. {}
iv. /

(a) (i) Internet Explorer Window/ Internet Browser Window/ Web Browser Window.

A – Back button
B – Forward button
C – Title bar
D – Address bar/Location bar/ URL bar
E – Refresh button / Reload button
F – Stop button

i. A – Back Button:
It allows a user to visit/go back/navigate to the previously attended or viewed webpage.

D – Address bar:
It allows a user to input the address of a website. It displays the website address of the current webpage.


? It is used in search of information.
? It is used for communicating with one another.
? It is used for teaching and learning.
? It is used for online shopping.
? It is used for watching movies.
? It is used for playing games.
? It is used for customer support services.
? It is used for social networking.

i. & – Ampersand / And
ii. ^ – Caret / Exponentiation / Circum Flex / Exponential / Exponent
iii. {} – Curly brackets / brackets / Braces
iv. / – Forward slash / Division/ Division sign


(a) Give the functions of the following keyboard keys:

(b) i. Outline three differences between selecting and highlighting text in a Word Processing application.
ii. Name two word processors.

i. Backspace – It is used to delete/erase characters to the left of the cursor / insertion point.
ii. Space bar – It is used to create / inserts a space / gap between words or characters.[2 marks]

? Meant for formatting purpose. ? Laying emphasis on a point.
? Background vanishes after formatting. ? Background stays after highlighting.
? Temporary action. ? Permanent/long lasting action.
? Not dependent on colour. ? Dependent on colour.
? Involves one step to accomplish. ? Involves multiple steps to accomplish.

? Microsoft Word
? Writer
? WordPerfect
? WordPad
? Notepad
? WordStar
? Pages
? AbiWord
? LibreOffice Writer
? IBM Lotus Word Pro
? KWord
? Jarte
? Nisus Writer
? GNU TeXmacs
? Atlantis Word processor
? Kingsoft Writer
? Apache OpenOffice Writer
? Bean
? Calligra Words
? Groff
? JWPce
? WordGraph
? AbleWord
? RoughDraft
? WriteMonkey
? FocusWriter
? Judoom


(a) State the two types of storage media.

(b) i. Give three important features of storage media.
ii. State two ways to protect storage media

i. Magnetic media
ii.Optical media

? Some of them have tracks.
? They have sectors.
? They have data area.
? They have silver coated surfaces.
? They are non-volatile or store data permanently.
? Capacity is reckoned in terms of bytes.
? It has addressable unit.
? It is accessed sequentially or randomly.
? Made of plastic material.
? Data are recorded on sectors within tracks.
? Each track is subdivided into sectors

? Keep storage media in a protective jacket.
? Keep storage media away from magnetic field.
? Write-protect storage media.
? Keep storage media away from moisture.
? Keep storage media away from dirt.
? Keep storage media in a protective case.
? Keep storage media from hot environment.


(a) What is:
i. Application software:
ii. System software:
iii. Folder:

(b) Give three examples of an operating system.

i. It is the software/ application/program/ set of instructions used to perform a specific task by the user.
ii.It is the software/ application/program/ set of instructions used to control the operations of a computer.
iii.This is a virtual place/location on the computer where programs, files and other folders can be located/ kept/placed/stored/organized.

• Disk Operating System (DOS)
• Windows [95, 98, 2000, CE, ME, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10]
• Solaris
• iOS
• Mac OS
• Novell NetWare
• Android
• Linux
• Ubuntu
• Chrome OS
• etc


(a) List three toolbars or bars in a spreadsheet application.

(b) Define the following terms as used in a spreadsheet application.
(i) Cell
(ii) Active cell
(iii) Name Box

? Title bar
? Status bar
? Menu bar
? Formatting toolbar
? Standard toolbar
? Formula bar
? Scroll bar

i. Cell:
It is the intersection of a row and a column in a worksheet and which is identified by the column letter and row number.

ii. Active cell:
It is the current cell ready to accept data entry from the user. It is the selected cell in the worksheet.

iii. Name box:
It is the part of a worksheet that displays the name of the active cell.

End Of Paper

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