BECE 2017 Social Studies Past Question Paper Two


(a) (i) Define the term superstition.
(ii) List two examples of superstitious beliefs in Ghana.

(b) Outline five effects of superstitious beliefs in Ghana.

It is a belief that is not based on reason of fact and usually instils fear in people.
It is a belief that is not scientifically proven and usually instils fear in people.

(Mention any two of the following)
Belief in :
taboos / ghosts / wizards (or witches) / juju / curses / deities / myths / magic

(Write an essay of at least five paragraphs to state and explain, with examples, any five of these points)

(i) creates extreme / irrational fear
(ii) slows / retards progress
(iii) prevents scientific growth and development
(iv) allows human rights abuse
(v) brings conflict among family members.
(vi) brings conflict within the society
(vii) creates mistrust/hatred among individuals in a community
(viii) creates tension in the society
(ix) discourages one from seeking appropriate solutions to problems
(x) retards development initiatives
(xi) encourages rest (from work)
(xii) helps maintain law and order
(xiii) promotes environmental conservation and protection
(xiv) controls the spread of communicable/contagious diseases
(xv) prevents people from being wicked to others.
(xvi) lots of money/resources is spent on purification rites and sacrifices
(xvii) prevents crime
(xviii) does not lead to critical / scientific thinking
(xix) promotes outmoded cultural practices


 (a) State four characteristics of a good map.

(b) Highlight the steps you will take to draw the map of your school compound

A good map should have the following:
(i) Title
(ii) Date
(iii) Scale
(iv) Key / legend
(v) Conventional signs
(vi) Direction

(Using complete sentences, state and briefly explain any eight (8) of the points below)

(i) do a reconnaissance / survey
(ii) do a rough sketch map
(iii) revisit the compound for correction
(iv) measure the length and breadth of compound
(v) choose and state the scale
(vi) draw the outline of the compound using the scale
(vii) insert the outline of the features on the compound.
(viii) show the north pole
(ix) show the key
(x) write the title of the map


(a) Study the table below and match correctly the events in column A against the year it occurred in column B.


(b) Outline four causes of the 1948 riots in the Gold Coast.


b. (Write an essay of at least four paragraphs to state and explain any four of these points) (i) the Burns Constitution did not satisfy the political aspirations of the Gold Coasters. (ii) few African served in the white-dominated civil service (iii) African businesses were crippled by the Association of West African Merchants (AWAM) (iv) economic slump/depression after the 2nd World War. (v) shortage of goods leading to higher prices (vi) practice of conditional sales / people forced to buy additional goods they did not need (vii) the attack of swollen shoot diseases on cocoa trees and the financial difficulties as a result. (viii) the government order to cut down cocoa trees affected by swollen shoots diseases without compensation. (ix) the plight of the ex-service men / returnee soldiers (x) the shooting of the three ex-service men (xi) economy dominated by Syrians and Lebanese nationals (xii) rising unemployment

Highlight five ways of ensuring political stability in Ghana.

(Write an essay of at least five paragraphs to state and explain, with examples, any five of these points)

(i) tolerance to divergent views / different opinions
(ii) respecting the views of the minority
(iii) respecting the fundamental human rights, e.g. freedom of speech, movements, life, etc.
(iv) freedom of the press
(v) accountable and transparent governance
(vi) those in authority accepting constructive criticisms
(vii) the rule of law / enforcing the law
(viii) avoiding dictatorship
(ix) promoting ethnic integration
(x) avoiding politics of insults
(xi) probity and accountability
(xii) inculcating moral values in all members of the society
(xiii) periodic free and fair election
(xiv) access to quality education
(xv) availability of employment opportunities
(xvi) eradication of poverty
(xvii) avoiding tribalism / ethnicity
(xviii) avoiding stereotyping
(xix) national policy for successive governments to follow


(a) (i) Define primary production.
(ii) List two examples of a primary production industry in Ghana.

(b) Identify five problems facing the primary production industries in Ghana

a i)
The production / extraction of raw materials from the nature / natural environment.

a ii.
(Mention any two of the following)

(i) fishing
(ii) mining
(iii) lumbering
(iv) quarrying
(v) salt winning
(vi) farming
(vii) hunting
(viii) gathering fruits and seeds

(Write an essay of at least five paragraphs to state and explain, with examples, any five of these points)

(i) pests / rodents
(ii) diseases
(iii) poor road network
(iv) transportation difficulties
(v) land tenure system
(vi) traditional methods of extraction
(vii) inadequate storage facilities
(viii) rainfall vagaries / inconsistent rainfall pattern
(ix) Inadequate credit facilities
(x) high interest rates on credit facilities
(xi) inadequate capital
(xii) lack of ready market / inadequate ready market
(xiii) price instability
(xiv) high costs of inputs
(xv) competition from imported goods
(xvi) inadequate protection from government policies
(xvii) inadequate labour


 (a) (i) Define discipline.
(ii) List five acts of indiscipline in the Ghanaian society.

(b) Identify four reasons that account for indiscipline in the Ghanaian society.

a i.
Conforming to rules and regulations governing a group of people

a ii)
(Mention any two of the following)

(i) disrespect to people / disobedience / stubbornness
(ii) gossiping
(iii) (child) pornography
(iv) alcoholism / drug abuse
(v) bribery and corruption
(vi) cheating / defrauding / cyber fraud
(vii) rape / defilement
(viii) careless driving
(ix) overspeeding
(x) disregard for environmental rules on sanitation /littering the environment
(xi) armed robbery
(xii) insulting attitudes
(xiii) intolerance
(xiv) rebellion and illegal demonstration against authorities
(xv) poor work attitudes/etiquettes, e.g, procrastination
(xvi) lawlessness, e.g. fighting
(xvii) examination malpractices
(xviii) petty thieving
(xix) pre-marital sex
(xx) vandalism
(xxi) gang culture, e.g., bullying, instant justice
(xxii) truancy / malingering
(xxiii) non-performance of civic responsibility
(xxiv) indecent dressing

(Write an essay of at least four paragraphs to state and explain, with examples, any four of these points)

(i) irresponsible parenting
(ii) influence of media
(iii) influence of foreign movies and culture
(iv) unemployment
(v) poverty
(vi) peer pressure
(vii) lack of education / ignorance
(viii) curiosity and adventure
(ix) copying unacceptable behaviours of some adults in society
(x) broken homes
(xi) pride in practicing acts of delinquency / truancy / streetism
(xii) the use of drugs and alcoholism
(xiii) inability to enforce rules against indiscipline by institutions
(xiv) crave for material possessions
(xv) breakdown of traditional values and norms
(xvi) urbanization 

End Of Paper

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