BECE 2017 ICT Past Question Paper Two

 (a) Study the worksheet below carefully and use it to answer (i) – (vi) 2017-Ict-bece-past-question-1a-image (a) (i) Outline the steps by which the Serial No. (1, 2, …,7) were generated without typing them one by one. (ii) What is the cell address in which the name “MATHS” was entered? (iii) Write down the cell range in which “BECE CLASS 3 RESULTS” was typed. (iv) Write the spreadsheet formula that was used in computing the total value “202” in cell G5. (v) Write the spreadsheet function used in computing the total “417” in cell E9 (vi) How many cells are in the cell range C3:E6? b) Outline the proper way of shutting down a computer after using it. (c) Identify the following web browsers
i)2017-Ict-bece-past-question-1ci-image (ii)2017-Ict-bece-past-question-1cii-image (iii)2017-Ict-bece-past-question-1ciii-image

a. i)
1. Fill the first 2 cells with 1 & 2 respectively(Cells A3 and A4)
2. Highlight cells A3 and A4 by holding the left click mouse button and dragging it over the two cells
3. Left Click at the bottom right corner of the selection and hold the mouse button
4. Pull to Cell A9 and release the mouse button.a. ii)
Cell address: D2a. iii)
Cell range: A1:G1a. iv)
Formula: =D5+E5+F5 or =SUM(D5:F5)a. v)
=SUM(E3:E8)a. vi)
Number of cells: 12 cellsb)
(i) Close all programs / applications.
(ii) Press the Windows key on the keyboard, or click Start. The Start menu opens.
(iii) In the Start menu, click Power, then click Shut down/Click on the “Turn Off Computer” button.
(iv) Click on the “Shut Down” button.
(v) Turn off the monitor
(vi) Unplug the main power supply / sourcec.
(i) Internet Explorer
(ii) Mozilla Firefox Browser
(iii) Opera Browser 


(a) State three uses of the shift key on the computer keyboard.

(b) Write down the acronyms below in full:
(i) HDD:
(i) VDU
(i) BIOS

(i) to type capital letters.
(ii) to type lowercase letters when caps lock is on .
(iii) Used with arrow keys or mouse to select text.
(iv) to select / type the upper characters on some keys on the keyboard.
(v) to play some games, etc
(vi) to activate sticky keys (when pressed 5 times)
(vii) In some web browsers, holding shift while scrolling will scan through previously viewed web pages.
(viii) The shift key can also be used to modify the mouse behavior on a computer.

(i) HDD: Hard Disk Drive
(i) VDU: Visual/Video Display Unit
(i) BIOS: Basic Input/Output Unit


(a) State two functions:
(i) of an input device;
(ii) performed by an output device;

(3b) Match the items in Group 1 to those in Group 2 with lines.
Group 1                                                         Group 2

Speedometer                                                     Bank
Electric stove                                                     School
Money Counting Machine                              Hospital
X-ray Machine                                                  Vehicle
.                                                                            Home

ai)input device
1. Presenting the computer with data / information
2. Giving the computer commands and instructions
3. Converts human language to the computer language.

(aii) performed by an output device;
1. Provides processed / stored data to user.
2. Indicates what the computer needs from user
3. Changes the processed data from the computer language to the human language.

Speedometer ———-> Vehicle
Electric stove ———-> Home
Money Counting Machine ———-> Bank
X-ray Machine ———-> Hospital


(a) State three ways through which computers may be damaged.

(4b) List three specific areas of learning where ICT tools can be integrated.

(4c) List three devices that may be used for transmission of messages on the internet.

(i) Exposure to dusty environment
(ii) Exposure to excessive heat
(iii) Lack of proper maintenance
(iv) Accessing a disk or network that has been infected with a virus.
(v) Erratic power fluctuations.
(vi) Attempting to correct a problem on your computer without having full knowledge of the actual problem / cause.
(vii) Exposure to high humidity environment, etc.
(viii) Blocking the Computer’s Vents
(viv) Deleting System Files
(X) Opening the Computer Case When it’s Still Plugged In
(XI) Putting Magnets on or near your Computer

(i) Mathematics
(ii) Science
(iii) English Language
(iv) French
(v) Research
(vi) Governance
(vii) Health
(viii) Education

(i) Computer
(ii) Modem
(iii) Telephone line / Radio Network
(iv) Router
(v) Telephone
(vi) Mobile Phone


(a) The Operating System makes it easy to store files in places that make a lot of sense. Give the default folder or storage area for the following files:

(i) Text files;
(ii) Image files;
(iii) Music files;

(b) Write the shortcut keyboard keys combination for the following commands as used in a word processing environment:

(c) List three toolbars available in a word processing application.

(i) Text files; Documents / My Documents

(ii) Image files; Pictures / My Pictures

(iii) Music files; Music / My Music


(i) Undo: CTRL+Z

(ii) Find: CTRL+F

(iii) Select All: CTRL+A

(i) Standard toolbar
(ii) Formatting toolbar
(iii) Drawing toolbar
(iv) Picture
(v) WordArt
(vi) Forms
(vii) Frames
(viii) Ribbon

End Of Paper

End of BECE 2017 ICT Past Question Paper Two, Thank you for visiting this page, if any spelling mistake or wrong answers are spotted kindly notice us in the comment section below remember to share page to friends and famillies who may need it

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