BECE 2016 ICT Past Question Paper One


The brain of the computer is the

  • A: monitor
  • B: system software
  • C: read only memory
  • D: central processing unit

An example of output device is the

  • A: keyboard
  • B: mouse
  • C: printer
  • D: scanner

One byte is equal to

  • A: two bits
  • B: eight bits
  • C: sixteen bits
  • D: one thousand bits

To boot a computer means to

  • A: put it off
  • B: put it on
  • C: restart it
  • D: take it away

The horizontal bar that normally lies at the bottom of a computer desktop screen is called

  • A: taskbar
  • B: start button
  • C: horizontal ruler
  • D: quick launch toolbar

A folder within another folder is called

  • A: file
  • B: subfolder
  • C: inside folder
  • D: innermost folder

Processed material which is meaningful to the user in computing is called

  • A: data
  • B: file
  • C: information
  • D: record

The copyright laws protect the works of an author for a period of his life time and

  • A: 40 years after his death
  • B: 50 years after his death
  • C: 60 years after his death
  • D: 70 years after his death

An example of a function key on a computer keyboard is

  • A: F1
  • B: Q
  • C: @
  • D: NmLk

Entry of data into a computer is termed

  • A: input
  • B: output
  • C: process
  • D: distribution

The following are hardware components except

  • A: keyboard
  • B: monitor
  • C: mouse
  • D: windows

The following devices can be found in the system unit except

  • A: ports
  • B: memory
  • C: motherboard
  • D: scroll wheel

The method of reproducing copies of a document is termed

  • A: copying
  • B: pasting
  • C: photocopying
  • D: printing

Storage media that are similar to compact discs but store more data are known as

  • A: pen drives
  • B: hard disks
  • C: floppy disks
  • D: digital versatile discs.

To boot a computer system, the user needs

  • A: printer attached
  • B: operating system
  • C: virus checking program
  • D: word processing software

The number of command buttons on the control menu are

  • A: 2.
  • B: 3.
  • C: 4.
  • D: 5.

The location where a file is stored is called

  • A: folder
  • B: icon
  • C: page
  • D: website

Viewing television for long periods can damage an individual’s

  • A: eye
  • B: head
  • C: mouth
  • D: nose

Which of the following is an effect of loud ringing tone of mobile phone?

  • A: Headache
  • B: Wrist pain
  • C: Bleeding nose
  • D: Damage to hearing

Which of the following cannot cause computer virus infection?

  • A: Internet
  • B: Input devices
  • C: Computer network
  • D: Removable storage devices

The following are features of a word processing application window except

  • A: desktop
  • B: font
  • C: print
  • D: zoom

Which of the following is not a component of a uniform resource locator (URL) ?

  • A: Web protocol
  • B: Name of browser
  • C: Name of web server
  • D: Name of the file with the directory

The speed of modem is measured in

  • A: baud
  • B: bit
  • C: byte
  • D: hertz

A special software that is used to access the internet is called

  • A: address bar
  • B: search engine
  • C: web browser
  • D: windows xp.

One billion bytes is approximately one

  • A: gigabyte
  • B: kilobyte
  • C: megabyte
  • D: terabyte

Changing the desktop wall paper of a computer is termed

  • A: background change
  • B: editing the desktop
  • C: customizing the desktop
  • D: formatting the desktop

The use of ICT in learning and teaching is to make it

  • A: interesting and boring
  • B: uninteresting but not boring
  • C: interesting but students do not learn at their pace
  • D: easy and interesting, students learn at their pace.

To create a space between characters, words and sentences, use the

  • A: backspace key
  • B: enter key
  • C: shift key
  • D: spacebar key

Which computer keyboard key allows users to erase characters to the left of the cursor?

  • A: Backspace key
  • B: Delete key
  • C: Insert key
  • D: Tab key

The process that is used to recall a document previously saved is termed

  • A: Copy
  • B: Enter
  • C: Open
  • D: Save as

Double-clicking on a program icon on a computer desktop

  • A: cuts the program’s window
  • B: copies the program’s window
  • C: closes the program’s window
  • D: opens the program’s window

Which of the following steps will open, check and correct errors, and submit the file for safe keeping under a word processing application?

  • A: File, Open, Edit and Save
  • B: Open, File, Edit and Save
  • C: Open, File, Close and Save
  • D: Start, Open, Edit and Save

The process of a user placing the cursor at one end of a text, holds down the left mouse button and drag to the other end of the text is referred to as

  • A: copying
  • B: cutting
  • C: moving
  • D: selecting

Previewing a document before printing is necessary because it

  • A: formats the document.
  • B: displays the name of the document.
  • C: displays copy and paste of documents.
  • D: displays how the document will look after printing.

Which of the following options is used to access a message from an Inbox in an electronic mailing?

  • A: Mail
  • B: Send/ Receive
  • C: Import / Export
  • D: Create New Account

Which of the following should a user bypass before accessing an email?

  • A: Gmail and password
  • B: Yahoo and username
  • C: Password and username
  • D: Computer name and password.

Which of the following command buttons in the browser enables a user to fetch the latest copy of the webpage?

  • A: Backward
  • B: Forward
  • C: Refresh
  • D: Stop

A spreadsheet cell name is referenced by a

  • A: letter
  • B: number
  • C: letter and number
  • D: number and letter.

Mathematical calculations in a spreadsheet application are called

  • A: labels
  • B: formulae
  • C: numbers
  • D: values

In a spreadsheet application, which of the following can be identified by a letter?

  • A: Cell
  • B: Column
  • C: Range
  • D: Row

End Of Paper

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