BECE 2016 English Language Past Question Paper Two



Write a letter to your friend describing how you saved a child who was in danger.


Write an article for publication in your school magazine on the topic:
The relationship between parents and their children should be cordial.


Write a story which ends with the sentence, We were lucky that night.

• TOPIC SENTENCE : Main Concept Of The Paragraph

• THESIS STATEMENT: Clear And Coherent Statement That Answers The Question Posed.

• SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: Evidence That Supports The Concept In The Thesis Statement.

• PAPER FORMAT AND GRAMMAR: The Essay Should Have A Beginning Middle And An End. It Should Also Utilize Proper Grammar Including Punctuation, Spelling Subject And Verb Usage.



Read the following passage carefully and answer all the questions which follow

One major cause of environmental degradation in Ghana is gold mining. In the name of natural resource development, land is given to mining companies owned by foreigners. These foreigners milk the country dry and destroy the heritage of the people.
From the vast concessions granted them by the government, they extract the gold, destroy the rivers and other water bodies in the communities before going home, leaving the land worthless. Yet, their operations are legal.
Approved mining is, however, not the sole gold mining activity. There is also what is regarded as unauthorized mining, called galamsey. In this enterprise, adventurous Ghanaians set out to do private mining as a livelihood. They dig up the earth with tools that are not as sophisticated as those of foreigners who also dig for the precious metal.

Mining activities destroy the environment. So far, it appears that nothing can be done to reclaim the land degraded by miners; the damage is irreversible. Vast tracts of arable land have become desolate mounds because of gold digging. Nothing can grow where galamsey has taken place.
Besides, the main water sources of communities have been polluted by the activities of both legal and illegal miners. The gold extracted from dirt requires cleaning with chemicals and rinsing in water. By the time the gold searchers succeed in producing a glittering handful, large stretches of rivers, ponds of water and some lakes have been poisoned.
Pollution leaves little drinking water for man and beast. Fishes die and humans contract various diseases.

(a) Name the types of mining activities discussed in the passage.

(b) (i) Which groups of people engage in mining?

(ii) Why does the government give licences to miners?

(c) How are the people and the land affected by the mining activities?

(d) (i) How does the writer feel about mining?

(ii) Why does the writer think that nothing can be done about the effects of mining?

(e) Explain the following expressions in your own words:
(i) milk the country dry;

(ii) leaving the land worthless.

(f) For each of the following words, give another word or phrase, that means the same, and can fit into the passage:

a) Approved mining and Unauthorised mining

b) (i) The groups of people engaged in mining are foreigners and Ghanaians

Government gives licences to miners for development of natural resource.

c)The people are left with little or no drinking water and they contract various diseases while the lands become desolate mounds on which nothing can grow.

d) (i) The writer is concerned / worried /disturbed / unhappy / upset / bothered / troubled /vexed/ sad / discontented, etc about the mining.

(ii) The writer thinks nothing can be done about the effects of mining because the damage caused by mining is irreversible.


 exploit the country’s natural resources;
 drain the country of its natural resources (or any suitable answer)

(e) (ii) making the land lose its value (or any suitable answer)


(i) vast; – very large / very wide /enormous / great
(ii) sole – only / one and only / lone
(iii) reclaim – restore / recover / salvage / regain
(iv) mounds – heaps / piles / hills / knolls
(v) glittering – shining, sparkling, gleaming / shimmering

End Of Paper

End of BECE 2016 English Language Past Question Paper Two, Thank you for visiting this page, if any spelling mistake or wrong answers are spotted kindly notice us in the comment section below remember to share page to friends and famillies who may need it

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