BECE 2016 Basic Design And Technology (Home Economics) Past Question Paper One



The basic stitch which starts all crocheted articles is

  • A: chain
  • B: cross
  • C: loop
  • D: stem

A glass is best used to serve

  • A: cream
  • B: drinks
  • C: ice-cream
  • D: yoghurt

Which of the following is inexpensive to use in the rural area?

  • A: Coal pot
  • B: Electric cooker
  • C: Gas cooker
  • D: Kerosene stove

The visitors book signed at exhibitions help the exhibitor to know

  • A: the number of people who came
  • B: how many works were sold
  • C: the number of people who showed interest
  • D: what people observed about the work

In drawing, objects nearer the viewer are in the

  • A: background
  • B: foreground
  • C: horizon
  • D: middle ground

Use the sketch in Figure 1 to answer Questions 6 and 7



Which of the following represents the front elevation in the direction of arrow Z?

  • A: A
  • B: B
  • C: C
  • D: D

Which of the following represents the left end elevation in the direction of P?

  • A: A
  • B: B
  • C: C
  • D: D

Rhythm, balance and emphasis are

  • A: design processes
  • B: elements of art
  • C: idea developments
  • D: principles of design



The lines drawn above are

  • A: diagonal
  • B: parallel
  • C: vertical
  • D: zigzag

The final stage of the design process is the

  • A: evaluation
  • B: possible solutions
  • C: specification
  • D: working drawings

Which of the following is not a method of recording a data for solving a design problem?

  • A: Observation
  • B: Photographs
  • C: Sketches
  • D: Write-up

Which of the following joints will be suitable for a chair to be dismantled and reassembled?

  • A: Nail lap joint
  • B: Glued butt joint
  • C: Glued screw joint
  • D: Bolt and nut



Figure 2 shows the surface development of a

  • A: cylinder
  • B: hexagonal prism
  • C: hexagonal pyramid
  • D: square prism

Select a shading style from the following options

  • A: Glazing
  • B: Hatching
  • C: Sgraffito
  • D: Sketching

A formal outlet for raising money to start a sewing business is

  • A: a family member
  • B: a rural bank
  • C: money lenders
  • D: the susuman

The sewing machine should be inserted with the flat side facing the ………..of the machine.

  • A: back
  • B: front
  • C: inside
  • D: outside

Which of the following items will be the basic tools needed for learning how to sew?

  • A: Buttonhole scissors, pins and thread
  • B: Metre rule, needles and shears
  • C: Needles, tape measure and pins
  • D: Pencil, pins and thread

Which of the following fibres is obtained by retting?

  • A: Cotton
  • B: Jute
  • C: Linen
  • D: Sisal

When making a French seam, start by placing ……………together.

  • A: one wrong side against one right side
  • B: two right sides
  • C: two right sides folded edges
  • D: two wrong sides

The first line of stitching when making a French seam is done on the

  • A: cutting line
  • B: right side
  • C: seam line
  • D: wrong side

Which of these pattern markings indicates seamline?

  • A: A
  • B: B
  • C: C
  • D: D

Strips cut on the true cross of a fabric are usually suitable for curved edges because they

  • A: are attractive
  • B: are straight
  • C: have the ability to stretch
  • D: have very narrow widths

Which of the following tools should be used to remove fibre and nut from palm fruit liquid?

  • A: Colander
  • B: Metal sieve
  • C: Perforated spoon
  • D: Strainer

Kitchen hygiene includes

  • A: using clean water for cooking
  • B: washing hands before handling food
  • C: washing utensils immediately after use
  • D: wearing clean clothes

Lack of calcium results in

  • A: anaemia
  • B: goiter
  • C: marasmus
  • D: rickets

The most expensive nutrient in the Ghanaian diet is

  • A: carbohydrate
  • B: fat
  • C: protein
  • D: vitamin

For a hardboiled egg, cook between

  • A: 2 to 5 minutes
  • B: 5 to 6 minutes
  • C: 7 to 8 minutes
  • D: 8 to 10 minutes

Food retains most of the nutrients and flavor when it is

  • A: boiled
  • B: fried
  • C: steamed
  • D: stewed

When steaming

  • A: do not allow water to boil
  • B: put the food in the boiling water.
  • C: the boiling water must not touch the food.
  • D: remove the food when water begins to boil

The elements of design which are readily noticed when a table is set for meals are

  • A: lines and dots
  • B: shape and colour
  • C: texture and lines
  • D: texture and shape

End Of Paper

End of BECE 2016 Basic Design And Technology (Home Economics) Past Question Paper One, Thank you for visiting this page, if any spelling mistake or wrong answers are spotted kindly notice us in the comment section below remember to share page to friends and famillies who may need it

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2 years ago

Question 16 needle was omited. It should be seeing machine needle

brah kwame oyiboh
2 years ago

Thank you for this past question