BECE 2015 ICT Past Question Paper One


Which of the following computer keyboard keys is used to type upper case letters when the caps lock light is off?

  • A: Control key
  • B: Enter key
  • C: Insert key
  • D: Shift key

Which of the following devices are used to feed a computer system with data?

  • A: Keyboard and monitor
  • B: Keyboard and mouse
  • C: Mouse and monitor
  • D: Mouse and printer

A computer accepts data input, processes the data and produces

  • A: byte
  • B: data
  • C: output
  • D: storage

The component of the computer that houses the motherboard and the power supply unit is called

  • A: central processing unit
  • B: monitor
  • C: printer
  • D: system unit

Which component of the computer resembles the typewriter?

  • A: Keyboard
  • B: Monitor
  • C: Mouse
  • D: Webcam

The optical storage media among the following is

  • A: compact disc
  • B: floppy disk
  • C: hard disk
  • D: magnetic disk

Which of the following media stores data temporarily?

  • A: Floppy disk
  • B: Hard disk
  • C: Random Access Memory
  • D: Read Only Memory

Which of the following devices must be turned on first when booting the computer?

  • A: Central Processing Unit
  • B: Monitor
  • C: Printer
  • D: System Unit

The part of the central processing unit responsible for performing all logical operations is

  • A: ALU
  • B: CU
  • C: RAM
  • D: ROM

When files and folders are deleted from the computer, they go into the

  • A: Briefcase
  • B: Desktop
  • C: Delete bin
  • D: Recycle bin

Which of the following gives the user a log of all opened programs?

  • A: Start button
  • B: Start menu
  • C: Taskbar
  • D: Title bar

Which of the following would happen when a user double clicks on a folder?

  • A: A sub-folder would be created
  • B: The folder would be closed
  • C: The folder would be deleted
  • D: The folder would be opened

Dragging a folder from one drive to a window on the same drive is equivalent to a

  • A: copy operation
  • B: cut operation
  • C: delete operation
  • D: move operation

The process whereby the computer manipulates data to produce information is known as

  • A: capturing
  • B: processing
  • C: recording
  • D: retrieving

The stages of information processing cycle under ICT are

  • A: input, output, process and distribution
  • B: input, process, output and distribution
  • C: input, process, distribution and output
  • D: input, distribution, output and process.

Which of the following is a problem to computer users as a result of radiation from the monitor?

  • A: Body pains
  • B: Dizziness
  • C: Eye irritation
  • D: Loss of grip strength

Which of the following is a reason for copyrighting ICT tools or technologies?

  • A: To avoid distribution of viruses
  • B: To encourage people to make illegal copies
  • C: To protect the intellectual works of the inventors
  • D: To ensure poorer people do not have access to ICT tools

Which of the following is a bad practice in the usage of ICT tools?

  • A: Making or receiving phone calls whilst driving
  • B: Not receiving phone calls when charging it
  • C: Use of air conditioning to improve dry atmosphere
  • D: Use of footstools to adjust leg positioning when working on computers

To search for information on various topics, which of the following packages is used?

  • A: Database
  • B: Encarta
  • C: Presentation
  • D: Spreadsheet

If a user places the mouse cursor at one end of a text, holds down the left button and drags to the other end of the text, the effect will be

  • A: copying the text
  • B: cutting the text
  • C: moving the text
  • D: selecting the text

To underline selected text(s) under a word processing environment, use the shortcut keys

  • A: Ctrl+U
  • B: Shift+U
  • C: Alt+U
  • D: Insert+U

A collection of separate windows applications sold as a group is called

  • A: command
  • B: communication
  • C: integrated
  • D: suite

Adding 3-D effect to an object is done through the

  • A: Auto Formatting dialogue box
  • B: Drawing Toolbar
  • C: Formatting Toolbar
  • D: Graphic Styles menu

Which of the following options is required to save a document with a different name?

  • A: File, New
  • B: File, Close
  • C: File, Save
  • D: File, Save As

The process of automatically moving an entire word to start the next line in a word processing program is called

  • A: text wrap
  • B: text movement
  • C: word wrap
  • D: word movement

In the symbol H2O, the 2 appears as a

  • A: number
  • B: positive integer
  • C: subscript
  • D: superscript

The shift key on a computer keyboard is used to

  • A: erase characters
  • B: toggle cases of letters
  • C: insert a space into a word document
  • D: type a word rather than a character

Which of the following document views will enable a user to view a document as it will appear on a printed page?

  • A: Normal view
  • B: Outline view
  • C: Print layout view
  • D: Web layout view

The print preview button is located on which of the following toolbars?

  • A: Drawing toolbar
  • B: Formatting toolbar
  • C: Header/Footer toolbar
  • D: Standard toolbar

Which of the following is an icon on the drawing toolbar?

  • A: Arrows
  • B: Change Case
  • C: Drop Cap
  • D: Text Direction

Transferring data from a local computer to a remote computer is referred to as

  • A: downlinking
  • B: downloading
  • C: uplinking
  • D: uploading

In computing, an element which links from one document to another or within the same document is called

  • A: hyperlink
  • B: pointer
  • C: web browser
  • D: web page

Information printed on paper is referred to as

  • A: carbon copy
  • B: hard copy
  • C: print copy
  • D: soft copy

The button that opens a dialogue box for users to create an email message is

  • A: Back
  • B: Compose
  • C: Create
  • D: Refresh

Computer virus is capable of

  • A: enhancing the contents of a file
  • B: maintaining the computer system
  • C: making the work of the computer easy
  • D: slowing down the computer system performance

In an email environment, the acronym BCC refers to

  • A: Blank Carbon Copy
  • B: Bulk Carbon Copy
  • C: Blind Carbon Copy
  • D: Backup Carbon Copy

A computer program that enables users to surf the internet is called

  • A: internet surfer
  • B: web browser
  • C: web navigation
  • D: web surfer

Specialized programs that assist a user to locate information on the internet is called

  • A: electronic mail
  • B: search engine
  • C: web browser
  • D: web portal

The sign which represents an insertion of a formula in a spreadsheet program is

  • A: = or +
  • B: = or –
  • C: = or *
  • D: = or /

Which of the following terms in a spreadsheet is identified by a letter and a number?

  • A: Column
  • B: Cell
  • C: Range
  • D: Row

End Of Paper

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