BECE 2014 ICT Past Question Paper One


The part of the computer which displays information to the user in soft copy format is the

  • A: Monitor
  • B: Printer
  • C: Processor
  • D: Scanner

The sharpness of an image on a monitor screen is determined by the number of

  • A: Inches
  • B: Pits
  • C: Pixels
  • D: Units

Which of the following can be used as an input device and at the same time as an output device?

  • A: Microphone
  • B: Modem
  • C: Printer
  • D: Speaker

The device that uses the magnetic method to store data is

  • A: compact disk
  • B: digital versatile disk
  • C: hard disk
  • D: optical disk

Which of the following devices has the largest storage capacity?

  • A: Compact disk
  • B: Digital versatile disk
  • C: Flash memory
  • D: Hard disk

By default, the drive letter assigned to the hard disk drive is

  • A: A:
  • B: B:
  • C: C:
  • D: D:

Which of the following devices must be turned on first when booting a computer?

  • A: Monitor
  • B: Printer
  • C: Scanner
  • D: System Unit

The program that is loaded into the main memory when a computer is booted is

  • A: Utility program
  • B: Operating system
  • C: Communication software
  • D: Word processing software

To copy a file means to

  • A: Cut the file
  • B: Delete the file
  • C: Remove the file
  • D: Make a duplicate of the file

A group of files are stored in a

  • A: Folder
  • B: Graphic
  • C: Text
  • D: Word

The area of the taskbar that displays small icons of some programs such as the system clock is

  • A: Programs area
  • B: Scroll bar
  • C: Start menu
  • D: System tray

Which of the following is a problem to computer users as a result of radiation from the monitor?

  • A: Cardiovascular
  • B: Dizziness
  • C: Eye irritation
  • D: Loss of grip strength

Dragging a folder from one drive to a window on another drive is equivalent to a

  • A: Cut operation
  • B: Copy operation
  • C: Delete operation
  • D: Move operation

Which of the following safety precaution(s) is/are advisable to practice? I. Do not answer or receive calls when charging mobile phones II. Do not overload sockets III. Plugging ICT tools in damaged sockets can be allowed sometimes.

  • A: I and II only
  • B: I and III only
  • C: II and III only
  • D: I, II and III

A computer program that can copy itself and infect the computer without the permission or knowledge of the user is

  • A: Virus
  • B: Anti-virus
  • C: Window
  • D: Word processor

The software that assists students in learning and can also be used to take online examinations is

  • A: Classroom software
  • B: Education software
  • C: Entertaining software
  • D: Graphic software

ICT tools can be used in all the following areas except

  • A: Sharing ideas
  • B: Starting cabinetry
  • C: Accessing information
  • D: Retrieving information

The act of clicking on an object and dragging it to a different location is referred to as

  • A: Drop-and-drag
  • B: Drag-and-drop
  • C: Drop-and-move
  • D: Drag-and-paste

When pursuing typing lessons, computer users are expected to use

  • A: 5 fingers
  • B: 6 fingers
  • C: 8 fingers
  • D: 10 fingers

Which of the following keys is not a function key on the computer keyboard?

  • A: F1
  • B: F2
  • C: F9
  • D: F13

The computer keyboard combination that would move the cursor insertion point to the beginning of the current document is

  • A: Ctrl + B
  • B: Ctrl + H
  • C: Ctrl + Home
  • D: Ctrl + PgUp

Which of the following commands is used to resave an edited file with the same file name?

  • A: Copy
  • B: Save
  • C: Save As
  • D: Send

Computerized text editing is also referred to as

  • A: Database application
  • B: Desktop application
  • C: Spreadsheet application
  • D: Word processing application

In order to apply bold formatting to a section of existing text, the user must first

  • A: Save the document
  • B: Click the start button
  • C: Click on the formatting button
  • D: Select the section to be formatted

Text that is justified is

  • A: Adjusted to meet one margin
  • B: Adjusted to meet both margins
  • C: Grammatically correct
  • D: Only visible in print preview

Which of the following keys are used to underline a text in word processing?

  • A: Ctrl + B
  • B: Ctrl + H
  • C: Ctrl + I
  • D: Ctrl + U

When a text automatically moves to the next line at the end of a margin in a word processing program, it is referred to as

  • A: Text wrap
  • B: Word wrap
  • C: Hard return
  • D: Text movement

The default orientation for a word processing document is

  • A: A4
  • B: Landscape
  • C: Letter
  • D: Portrait

To print a document after previewing, use the

  • A: Edit command button
  • B: Open command button
  • C: Print command button
  • D: Save command button

On an email interface, which of the following areas is mandatory to complete and send a message?

  • A: Sender body
  • B: Sender name
  • C: Message header / subject
  • D: Message recipient email address

Which of the following domain name extensions is used by educational institutions?

  • A: .com
  • B: .edu
  • C: .net
  • D: .org

Which of the following is a web browser?

  • A: Firewall
  • B: Opera
  • C: Windows
  • D: Yahoo

Which feature in a browser enables users to fetch the latest copy of a web page?

  • A: Backward
  • B: Forward
  • C: Refresh
  • D: Stop

Transmitting data from a local computer to a remote computer is referred to as

  • A: Downlinking
  • B: Downloading
  • C: Uplinking
  • D: Uploading

The http:// in a website address refers to

  • A: Domain name
  • B: Directory name
  • C: File name
  • D: Protocol

The command button that opens a dialog box for users to create an email message is

  • A: Back button
  • B: Compose button
  • C: Create button
  • D: Refresh button

A spreadsheet cell name is referenced by a

  • A: Letter
  • B: Number
  • C: Letter and a number
  • D: Number and a letter

Mathematical calculations in a spreadsheet are called

  • A: Formulas
  • B: Labels
  • C: Numbers
  • D: Values

Which of the following does a user need to bypass before accessing an email?

  • A: Username and computer name
  • B: Username and email name
  • C: Username and password
  • D: Username and yahoo

To apply a formula or function in a spreadsheet program, the symbol used is

  • A: = or *
  • B: = or +
  • C: = or /
  • D: = or –

End Of Paper

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