BECE 2013 English Language Past Question Paper One

PART A LEXIS AND STRUCTURE SECTION A From the alternatives lettered A to D,
choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence


The lion ……… under the tree waiting for its prey.

  • A: lie
  • B: lain
  • C: lay
  • D: laid

I wish Ato …….. come to see us tomorrow.

  • A: will
  • B: is to
  • C: would
  • D: may

It’s high time we ………..the items out.

  • A: move
  • B: are moving
  • C: moved
  • D: were moving

This amount is all ………I have on me.

  • A: what
  • B: that
  • C: which
  • D: this

The harder you study, ……..your chance of success.

  • A: the great
  • B: greater
  • C: greatest
  • D: the greater

Please, I would rather you ……….not disturb me.

  • A: did
  • B: will
  • C: may
  • D: do

That pair of trousers is worn …………

  • A: in
  • B: out
  • C: into
  • D: on

Atsu is looking forward to ……….his friends at the party.

  • A: see
  • B: be seeing
  • C: seeing
  • D: have seen

The minister is my ……….brother.

  • A: senior
  • B: older
  • C: elder
  • D: junior

We have ………sugar, so we cannot have breakfast.

  • A: a few
  • B: little
  • C: few
  • D: a little

I wouldn’t say this to …….

  • A: no other
  • B: any other
  • C: nobody
  • D: anyone else

This vase is made …………glass.

  • A: on
  • B: of
  • C: with
  • D: by

Mrs. Akwei is blind …………the faults of her children.

  • A: on
  • B: over
  • C: to
  • D: by

Shika was absent yesterday, ………?

  • A: isn’t she
  • B: has she
  • C: didn’t she
  • D: wasn’t she

Come and see me tomorrow, ……….. you?

  • A: shall
  • B: will
  • C: may
  • D: don’t

If Kofi had studied hard, he ………..his examination.

  • A: would pass
  • B: would be passing
  • C: will be passing
  • D: would have passed

The boy likes his ……….dog.

  • A: little pretty brown
  • B: pretty brown little
  • C: pretty little brown
  • D: brown little pretty
SECTION B Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence


The radio is a very potent means of communication.

  • A: necessary
  • B: powerful
  • C: widespread
  • D: sound

Benjamin deserves the prize because he is industrious.

  • A: polite
  • B: hardworking
  • C: intelligent
  • D: funny

Farming is lucrative.

  • A: easy
  • B: profitable
  • C: necessary
  • D: good

The recklessness of the driver caused the woman’s death.

  • A: drunkenness
  • B: arrogance
  • C: carelessness
  • D: ignorance

The doctors have been discussing the shortage of nurses.

  • A: indiscipline
  • B: love
  • C: scarcity
  • D: efficiency
SECTION C In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined
Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined group of words.


Adzo takes after her mother. This means that Adzo

  • A: likes her
  • B: resembles her
  • C: is unlike her
  • D: always follows her

Board members are paid five Ghana Cedis a day across the board. This means that

  • A: every member receives five Ghana Cedis
  • B: some members receive five Ghana Cedis
  • C: members are given five Ghana Cedis for food.
  • D: only deserving members are given five Ghana Cedis.

Advise Peter not to poke his nose into my affair.

  • A: interfere
  • B: enter
  • C: speak
  • D: believe

During the lecture, Sarfo was miles away. This means that Sarfo.

  • A: was self-conscious
  • B: had travelled
  • C: had slept
  • D: was absent-minded

Ato was at his wits’ end. This means that Ato

  • A: was collecting his ideas together.
  • B: had come to the end of his talk.
  • C: did not know what to do next.
  • D: did not have much to do.
From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence


We are surprised at her hostility to us.

  • A: faithfulness
  • B: attitude
  • C: manner
  • D: friendliness

She timidly faced her accusers.

  • A: boldly
  • B: calmly
  • C: angrily
  • D: smilingly

The minister is sincere in his promise.

  • A: unrealistic
  • B: uncertain
  • C: dissatisfied
  • D: dishonest

The flag was hoisted during the golden jubilee celebration.

  • A: sunk
  • B: dipped
  • C: lowered
  • D: dropped

Transparent ballot boxes are used in elections.

  • A: dark
  • B: opaque
  • C: coated
  • D: painted
PART B LITERATURE From the options lettered A to D, choose the one that correctly answers each question or completes the sentence


The sequence of events in a play is the

  • A: theme
  • B: plot
  • C: conflict
  • D: resolution

An address directed at oneself is known as

  • A: monologue
  • B: dialogue
  • C: apostrophe
  • D: soliloquy
Read the following extract carefully and answer Questions 35 to 37 ‘O incomprehensible God! Shall my pilot be My inborn stars to that Final call to thee’?


The poem is a kind of

  • A: sermon
  • B: apostrophe
  • C: dirge
  • D: sonnet

The theme of the above extract is

  • A: life
  • B: neglect
  • C: war
  • D: death

Which of the following expressions from the extract suggests the theme above?

  • A: ‘incomprehensible God!’
  • B: ‘inborn stars’
  • C: ‘Final call’
  • D: ‘my pilot’

The main character in a play or a novel is called

  • A: hero
  • B: villain
  • C: dramatist
  • D: antagonist

The conversation between two characters is known as

  • A: a dialogue
  • B: a monologue
  • C: an aside
  • D: a soliloquy

Miming refers to

  • A: the use of song in drama
  • B: acting without the use of words
  • C: imitation of a character
  • D: the use of dialogue in acting

End Of Paper

End of BECE 2013 English Language Past Question Paper One, Thank you for visiting this page, if any spelling mistake or wrong answers are spotted kindly notice us in the comment section below remember to share page to friends and famillies who may need it

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