BECE 2012 RME Past Question Paper One


The biblical commandment which has a promise of blessing is

  • A: remember the Sabbath day
  • B: honour your father and mother
  • C: not to commit adultery
  • D: not to make for yourself graven images

In Christianity, the sky, seas, animals and other living things came into being through

  • A: the laws of God
  • B: God’s command
  • C: natural order
  • D: the lesser gods

Ablution is done before prayers in order to

  • A: have prayers answered in time
  • B: ensure purity of the body
  • C: get closer to Allah
  • D: win the favour of Allah

The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us to

  • A: forgive others
  • B: be helpful to others
  • C: show gratitude to people
  • D: be time conscious

The traditional man wears talismans in order to

  • A: give birth to children
  • B: become rich
  • C: seek protection against enemies
  • D: bring peace and love into his family

According to Akan belief, the order of creation is

  • A: earth, rivers, plants and sky
  • B: rivers, plants, earth and sky
  • C: sky, earth, rivers and plants
  • D: plants, rivers, sky and earth

A summary of the ten commandments is

  • A: obedience to parents and the elderly
  • B: love for God and one’s neighbour.
  • C: observing the Sabbath and keeping it holy
  • D: worshipping the Almighty God only

The Holy Communion reminds Christians of Jesus?

  • A: birth
  • B: crucifixion
  • C: last supper
  • D: resurrection

Ramadan is the

  • A: feast of sacrifice
  • B: month of fasting
  • C: feast of breaking fast
  • D: month of Hijra

The main reason for celebrating the Homowo Festival is to

  • A: outdoor twins
  • B: hoot at hunger
  • C: visit the shrines
  • D: sprinkle spiritual food

The patriarchal covenant was made between God and

  • A: Abraham
  • B: Aaron
  • C: Moses
  • D: Noah

The main lesson that can be learnt from the story of Noah and the flood is

  • A: tolerance
  • B: truthfulness
  • C: sincerity
  • D: obedience

Some tribes forbid marriages with close relatives because

  • A: the couple may die early
  • B: it leads to bareness
  • C: it is seen as incest
  • D: it leads to quarrels

Jesus accepted to be baptized by John in order to

  • A: make the Jews happy
  • B: show His faith in John’s power
  • C: fulfil all righteousness
  • D: confirm His sonship of God

Which Christian virtue did Joseph exhibit in his life?

  • A: Humility
  • B: Forgiveness
  • C: Repentance
  • D: Tolerance

In a prayer of confession, Christians

  • A: adore God who created them
  • B: say sorry to God for their sins
  • C: ask for help in times of trouble
  • D: give thanks for all the gifts they received

A Muslim is a person who

  • A: comes from Arabia
  • B: visits Mecca annually
  • C: submits to the will of Allah
  • D: recites the Qur’an

The festival celebrated by Christians to mark the resurrection of Jesus is known as

  • A: Christmas
  • B: Easter
  • C: Pentecost
  • D: Passover

The combination of the Fajr and Asr prayers makes

  • A: two rakats
  • B: five rakats
  • C: six rakats
  • D: eight rakats

One way by which humankind pollutes the air in the city is by

  • A: the use of insecticides
  • B: the use of detergents
  • C: smoke from motor vehicles
  • D: smoke from the burning of wood

A citizen who indulges in social vices in the community is said to be

  • A: unfriendly
  • B: unreliable
  • C: untruthful
  • D: unpatriotic

Greetings are important because they

  • A: open up conversation
  • B: portray one’s intelligence
  • C: expose disrespectful behaviour
  • D: show a good leader

Asking for forgiveness is an indication that a bad deed will be

  • A: exposed
  • B: forgotten
  • C: pardoned
  • D: repeated

Children who are obedient and live good moral lives are

  • A: praised in the society
  • B: envied by others
  • C: sent to challenge the elderly
  • D: known to be smart in school

People avoid dangerous substances in order to

  • A: develop their potentials
  • B: stay healthy
  • C: study hard
  • D: be respected by society

Which of the following is a form of physical punishment

  • A: Scolding
  • B: Reprimand
  • C: Fine
  • D: Caning

To show that a person is patient, he/ she must

  • A: worship at appointed times
  • B: preach to people often
  • C: visit the sick regularly
  • D: wait for the right time

A defensive mechanism that can help protect students against drug abuse is

  • A: to control one’s temper
  • B: living a chaste life
  • C: refusing and saying no to drugs
  • D: reporting drug peddlers to the police

Which of the following behaviours can best be described as comportment?

  • A: Respect for one’s parents
  • B: Love for one’s enemy
  • C: Respect for oneself
  • D: Control of one’s temper

Removing one’s hat when greeting an elder constitutes

  • A: good manners
  • B: comportment
  • C: tolerance
  • D: fear of God

The saying, Time is money means

  • A: time fetches money
  • B: more time spent on work brings profit
  • C: money is not gained without spending time
  • D: good use of time brings profit

The main aim of the Girls’ Brigade is to

  • A: assist girls to attend school
  • B: encourage girls to work hard
  • C: help establish more girls’ schools
  • D: produce good Christian womanhood

The best way to live in peace in a community is to

  • A: sit on the fence always
  • B: be afraid of those in authority
  • C: keep to oneself always
  • D: understand and co-operate with others

Rules and regulations of the country need to be obeyed in order to

  • A: promote the formation of political parties
  • B: promote peaceful co-existence
  • C: stop rivalry among political parties
  • D: save people from imprisonment

In a traditional society, the provision of shelter is the responsibility of the

  • A: father
  • B: grandfather
  • C: mother
  • D: uncle

Carrying out instructions given by the elderly shows that one is

  • A: obedient
  • B: sincere
  • C: strong
  • D: truthful

Social conflicts can best be resolved by

  • A: Obeying the scriptures
  • B: being principled and humble
  • C: being authoritative and principled
  • D: tolerating and forgiving

Using one’s position to amass wealth at the expense of the public is

  • A: bribery
  • B: corruption
  • C: greed
  • D: unfaithfulness

Humankind works in order to

  • A: go to heaven
  • B: be loved by everyone
  • C: win souls for Christ
  • D: cater for one’s basic needs

In order to live in harmony with family members, we must be

  • A: brave
  • B: courageous
  • C: faithful
  • D: respectful

End Of Paper

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