BECE 2011 RME Past Question Paper One


The belief that God sees the secret deeds of all and punishes those who do evil implies that He is

  • A: Omniscient
  • B: Omnipotent
  • C: Omnipresent
  • D: Sovereign

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Christians is marked by the

  • A: Ascension
  • B: Resurrection
  • C: Pentecost
  • D: Passover

The congregational prayers observed by Muslims on Friday is

  • A: Eid
  • B: Jumuah
  • C: Janazah
  • D: Zuhr

Adam described Eve as woman because she

  • A: was the mother of all living
  • B: was made out of his rib
  • C: allowed the serpent to deceive her
  • D: was made a helper fit for man

Islam shows a concern for the poor and needy by practicing

  • A: Zawn
  • B: Zakat
  • C: Salat
  • D: Kalimat

Marriages have a good chance to succeed if the

  • A: man has much money to cater for the wife
  • B: woman is very beautiful
  • C: couple understands each other
  • D: couple is from the same town

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall

  • A: see God”
  • B: be called sons of God”
  • C: inherit the earth”
  • D: obtain mercy”

The name Moses means

  • A: washed in water
  • B: drawn out of water
  • C: abandoned in water
  • D: baptized with water

The Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated to mark the

  • A: death of King Agokorli
  • B: end of the farming season
  • C: migration of the Anlo
  • D: end of famine among the Anlo

The Fajr Salat is observed at

  • A: dawn
  • B: noon
  • C: night
  • D: sunset

Christians share a common belief that

  • A: the Holy Spirit works with fire
  • B: trust in Jesus Christ brings eternal life
  • C: one should pray to God directly
  • D: one who suffers in life will go to heaven

The parable of the prodigal son teaches that one

  • A: needs repentance for forgiveness
  • B: needs to be watchful and loving
  • C: must be faithful and prayerful
  • D: must be committed and hardworking

An important religious value of traditional festivals is to

  • A: acknowledge the presence of the ancestors
  • B: settle disputes among families
  • C: contract marriages
  • D: bring citizens together to sacrifice

The dream of Joseph about the sun, moon and eleven stars meant that he would

  • A: be sold into slavery by his brothers
  • B: be hated by his brothers
  • C: rule over his family
  • D: become a seer one day

The rainbow is important in the story of Noah because, it

  • A: normally appears after rainfall
  • B: is a symbol of God’s covenant
  • C: appears in the horizon in colours
  • D: marked the beginning of the flood

One of the ways of protecting God’s creation is by

  • A: constructing buildings and roads
  • B: polluting air and water bodies
  • C: engaging in sound farming practices
  • D: killing snakes and other dangerous animals

The Islamic institution for reducing poverty is

  • A: Zakat
  • B: Salat
  • C: Sawn
  • D: Hajj

The following practices apply to Traditional Religion except

  • A: libation
  • B: fasting
  • C: prayers
  • D: sacrifices

Which of the following disciples of Jesus were brothers?

  • A: John and James
  • B: Joseph and John
  • C: Peter and Andrew
  • D: Judas and Thomas

The use of sand in the absence of water by a Muslim for purification is

  • A: Taharah
  • B: Tashahhud
  • C: Tayammum
  • D: Takbir

A major reason for establishing a traditional youth organization is to

  • A: defend the interest of the community
  • B: protect ancestors and the gods
  • C: embark on educational tours
  • D: fight those who destroy the environment

Behaviour patterns of individuals approved by society are known as

  • A: rituals
  • B: moral values
  • C: taboos
  • D: sacrament

School rules are meant to ensure

  • A: punishment for school children
  • B: patriotism among children
  • C: competition among children
  • D: good behaviour of children

A person who is sincere and upright in his/her ways is said to be

  • A: generous
  • B: tolerant
  • C: honest
  • D: grateful

Which of the following is responsible for morality in traditional society?

  • A: Linguist
  • B: Gong gong beater
  • C: Chief priest
  • D: Fortune teller

A father shows commitment to the family by

  • A: being punctual at work and helping others
  • B: travelling with wife outside the country
  • C: being steadfast at prayer and sacrificing
  • D: treating all dependants with patience and tolerance

Which of the following is an effect of drug abuse?

  • A: Obedience
  • B: Truancy
  • C: Politeness
  • D: Truthfulness

The best way to live in peace in a community is to

  • A: disagree with your enemies
  • B: sit on the fence
  • C: understand and co-operate with others
  • D: enter into conflict with your neighbours

It is a bad habit to use one’s leisure time in

  • A: playing games
  • B: telling stories
  • C: reading story books
  • D: gossiping about friends

It is our responsibility to prevent the spread of cholera by

  • A: immunizing against the six killer diseases
  • B: eating a balanced diet
  • C: keeping our surroundings clean
  • D: taking good care of our wounds

A child who apologizes for committing an offence is said to be

  • A: knowledgeable
  • B: intelligent
  • C: law abiding
  • D: obedient

“A child breaks the shell of a snail but not that of the tortoise” This implies that one should

  • A: work hard
  • B: be afraid of tortoise
  • C: not be over ambitious
  • D: be kind to animals

A person is regarded as tolerant when the person is

  • A: hardworking
  • B: brilliant
  • C: truthful
  • D: patient

To live a chaste life, one must

  • A: speak the truth
  • B: be humble
  • C: avoid casual sex
  • D: be courageous

Which of the following is a symptom of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)?

  • A: Strong pains in the abdomen
  • B: Rapid loss of weight
  • C: Sleeping very often
  • D: Suffering from the waist

Repeating a bad deed shows that one

  • A: has realized and accepted a fault
  • B: is determined to ask for pardon
  • C: wants another opportunity to make amends
  • D: has not regretted

Giving money to a person to influence a decision is

  • A: corruption
  • B: cheating
  • C: bribery
  • D: embezzlement

All the following are teachers’ responsibilities towards their pupils except

  • A: ensuring discipline
  • B: making themselves approachable
  • C: inviting parents of troublesome children
  • D: feeding hungry pupils at school

A happy and prosperous life depends on

  • A: obedience
  • B: hard work
  • C: respect
  • D: courage

The first thing to do when you enter a house is to

  • A: offer greetings
  • B: ask for water
  • C: ask for a seat
  • D: remove your sandals

End Of Paper

End of BECE 2011 RME Past Question Paper One, Thank you for visiting this page, if any spelling mistake or wrong answers are spotted kindly notice us in the comment section below remember to share page to friends and famillies who may need it

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