[40 marks]

Answer all of Question 1

  1. (a) The diagrams below are illustrations of three different organisms harmful to farm animals

          Study the diagrams carefully and answer the questions that follow

  • Identify each of the organisms labelled I, II and III [3 marks]
  • Which of the organisms is/are:

(α)   parasite(s)

(β)   pest(s)                                                                                                              [3 marks]

  • State one effect each of the following organism on farm animals

(α)   I;

(β)   II;

(γ)    III.                                                                                                                   [3 marks]

  • State three methods of controlling the organism labelled III [3 marks]

(b)     The diagram below illustrates a burning candle placed in front of a plane mirror MMand an image of the candle formed in the mirror.

          Study the diagram carefully and answer the questions that follow

  • Name the parts labelled I, II, III and IV [4 marks]
  • State the relationship between angles θ1 and θ2 [1 mark]
  • Give three characteristics of IV in the diagram [3 marks]
  • Explain why IV is represented in broken lines [2 marks]

(c)     In an experiment to investigate the reactivity of sodium, a piece of sodium metal was dropped in a beaker containing water. The experimental set-up is as illustrated below.

          Study the set-up carefully and answer the questions that follow

  • State what would happen if a glowing splint was held at the mouth of the beaker [2 marks]
  • Name the gas evolved [1 mark]
  • Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurred [3 marks]
  • Name two other metals that can react in a similar ways as the sodium [2 marks]

(d)     An experiment to investigate the conditions for germination of viable bean seeds was carried out. The diagrams below are illustrations of the different conditions in which the seeds were kept.

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1. (a) In an examination, 50 candidates sat for either Mathematics or English Language. 60% passed in
Mathematics and 48% passed in English Language. If each candidate passed in at least one of the
subjects, how many candidates passed in :
(i) Mathematics?
(ii) English Language?
(b) Illustrate the information given in (a) on a Venn diagram.
(c) Using the Venn diagram, find the number of candidates who passed in
(i) both subjects;
(ii) Mathematics only.
(d) If a = (
) and b = (
3 + y
) are equal vectors, find the values of x and y

2. (a) The cost (P), in Ghana cedis, of producing n items is given by the formula,

P =
n + 1800. Find the:
(i) cost of producing 2,000 items;
(ii) number of items that will be produced with GHC 2,400.00;
(iii) cost when no items are produced.
(b) A passenger travelling by air is allowed a maximum of 20 kg luggage.
A man has four bags weighing 3.5 kg, 15 kg, 2 kg and 1.5 kg.
(i) Find the excess weight of his luggage
(ii) Express the excess weight as a percentage of the maximum weight allowed.

3. (a) A doctor treated 2,000 patients over a period of time. If he worked for 5 hours a day and spent 15

minutes on each patient, how many days did the doctor spend to treat all the patients?

(b) The pie chart shows the distribution of textbooks to six classes A, B, C, D, E and F in a school.

(i) If Class D was given 720 textbooks, how many textbooks were distributed to each of the
remaining classes?
(ii) What is the average number of textbooks distributed to the classes?
(iii) How many classes had less than the average number of textbooks distributed?


bisector of line XY;
(iii) the perpendicular bisector of line XZ.

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English Language

Answer one question only from this part

1. Write a letter to your friend describing how you saved a child who was in danger.

2. Write an article for publication in your school magazine on the topic:
The relationship between parents and their children should be cordial.

3. Write a story which ends with the sentence, We were lucky that night.

[30 marks]

4. Read the following passage carefully and answer all the questions which follow

One major cause of environmental degradation in Ghana is gold mining. In the name of natural resource development, land is given to mining companies owned by foreigners. These foreigners milk the country dry and destroy the heritage of the people.
From the vast concessions granted them by the government, they extract the gold, destroy the rivers and other water bodies in the communities before going home, leaving the land worthless. Yet, their operations are legal.
Approved mining is, however, not the sole gold mining activity. There is also what is regarded as unauthorized mining, called galamsey. In this enterprise, adventurous Ghanaians set out to do private mining as a livelihood. They dig up the earth with tools that are not as sophisticated as those of foreigners who also dig for the precious metal.
Mining activities destroy the environment. So far, it appears that nothing can be done to reclaim the land degraded by miners; the damage is irreversible. Vast tracts of arable land have become desolate mounds because of gold digging. Nothing can grow where galamsey has taken place.
Besides, the main water sources of communities have been polluted by the activities of both legal and illegal miners. The gold extracted from dirt requires cleaning with chemicals and rinsing in water. By the time the gold searchers succeed in producing a glittering handful, large stretches of rivers, ponds of water and some lakes have been poisoned.
Pollution leaves little drinking water for man and beast. Fishes die and humans contract various diseases.

(a) Name the types of mining activities discussed in the passage.

(b) (i) Which groups of people engage in mining?
(ii) Why does the government give licences to miners?

(c) How are the people and the land affected by the mining activities?
(d) (i) How does the writer feel about mining?
(ii) Why does the writer think that nothing can be done about the effects of mining?

(e) Explain the following expressions in your own words:
(i) milk the country dry;
(ii) leaving the land worthless.

(f) For each of the following words, give another word or phrase, that means the same, and can fit into the passage:
(i) vast;
(ii) sole
(iii) reclaim
(iv) mounds
(v) glittering


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Social Studies

1. (a) (i) Describe the Solar System [4 marks] (ii) Name four planets in the Solar System [4 marks]

(b) Outline two effects of the rotation of the earth. [6 marks]

(c) Highlight two effects of the revolution of the earth. [6 marks]

2. (a) State four negative effects of rapid population growth on the development
of Ghana [4 marks]

(b) Highlight any four ways by which rapid population growth can be reduced
in Ghana. [16 marks]

Answer one question only from this section.

3. (a) State four characteristics of a good law. [8 marks]

(b) Explain four benefits derived from law and order in a country. [12 marks]

4. (a) Describe the structure of government at the district level in Ghana. [4 marks]

(b) Identify four problems facing District Assemblies in Ghana [8 marks]

(c) Suggest four ways by which the problems identified in (b) can be solved [8 marks]

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1. (a) Explain four attributes of God from the Christian point of view [12 marks] (b) Outline four ways Christians demonstrate the attributes of God in their lives [8 marks]

2. (a) Explain any four of the five pillars of Islam [12 marks]

(b) State four reasons why Muslims worship [8 marks]

3. (a) Outline four aspects of the life of the following traditional leaders:
(i) Toha Zie [8 marks] (ii) Togbe Tsali [8 marks]

(b) What two moral lessons can be derived from the life of these leaders? [4 marks]

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